FIRM PAC, Inc is a non-tax-deductible lobbying political action committee. Membership donations are not tax deductible.

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FIRM Bumper Sticker

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FIRM Sports Bottle

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FIRM Dry Bag


3-in-1 Emergency Combo Light

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Regular news updates

Regular news updates

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  • Regular news updates
  • A FIRM Bumper Sticker

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  • FIRM Sports Bottle
  • Eligibility for a discounted residential Flood Elevation Certificate

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  • A FIRM Dry Bag
  • Your name posted here on the FIRM website

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  • A FIRM 3-in-1 Emergency Combo Light
  • Your LOGO on our website
  • Discounted commercial or residential Flood Elevation Certificate

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  • Level 5 benefits
  • A personalized press and social media announcement of your contribution